Managed Accounts

A managed account can give an investor who cannot watch the market 24 hours a day an opportunity to participate in the exciting world of trading.
Managed accounts are also ideal for investors who prefer to have their capital managed by professional finance and trading experts . This is a viable solution for individuals or companies looking to diversify into trading without hands-on involvement. It is an effective way for retail investors to benefit from the knowledge, resources and experience of an investment manager without the restrictions of investing in a hedge fund or other alternative investment .
As an Investor who wants to diversify his portfolio with a managed forex account we you have come to the right place.

The primary objective of managed accounts are strong monthly returns with low drawdown. Using a strategy developed over many years of trading. Forex managed accounts aim to satisfy the aggressive investor seeking superior performance.

Because the futures and commodities markets can be highly unpredictable — often swinging dramatically — futures and commodities investments are not suitable for all investors. Before starting, consider your:

Minimum Investment : 1,000 USD or equivalent
Average Monthly Returns : 20-70 %
Attempted Annual Return: 90%
Maximum Drawdown: 3%
Performance Fee : 10 % from account balance

Broker: A major international broker, arguably the world’s largest forex broker, by liquidity & deposited funds, with an excellent reputation.
We accept clients from all countries including USA and Canada.

Money management is the cornerstone of any professionally managed forex account, and this forex managed fund is no exception. All managed forex account positions will have hard stoploss orders in place at all times. These stops are raised as a trade becomes profitable, so that profitable exit orders are also in place for closing winning trades.